VW extra long wheel based Crafter

This vehicle has been fitted with professionally built 8/10 dog cabins of various sizes and 8 large cat cabins complete with litter trays.

The bus is fitted with extra air conditioning in the dog section which is separated from the cat/human area which also has AC.  That said, we have a constant view through a toughened glass section in the bulkhead, of the dogs while in transit.  Also a small camera is fitted with a monitor  in the drivers cab.

This is the vehicle we use for the long haul journeys Turkey to the EU/UK via Bulgaria. It is also fitted with a tracker which owners are given a password /code to access to follow our progress across Europe. 

Our vehicles

VW Transporter 

This is our new addition we will use this vehicle for the collections from Turkey, it is fitted with light weight removable cages to carry up to 10 dogs of assorted sizes, cats will travel in the cab with us. This vehicle can also transport people and the their pets and belongings, to Bulgaria

We are EU licensed and authorised domestic animal transporters licensed by the BFSA (Bulgarian Food Standards Agency) registered No. 0126. This department is the equivalent to the UK’s DEFRA and holds the same standard requirements for transport of animals.

We have been providing first class road pet transport for expats (Turkish and Bulgarian citizens  alike), to and from  Turkey and Bulgaria - mainly to the UK and ferry ports to Ireland (ie Fishguard Holyhead & Birkenhead if a full load is required we will make the crossing)for over 6 years now; moving over 2000 pets cats, dogs, and parrots.

Where possible we offer a door to door service - however, for traffic reasons we do not go within the M25 and ask to rendezvous at a services on the M25.  We also do not enter very central Istanbul Taxim area etc  and like to arrange a meeting place on the main through road.  However,  in a case where there are multiple pets (i.e. more than 3) we would make a home delivery/collection.

European Pet Transport