12 bgn small 15 bgn med to large per day

Arrangements for multiple pets

10 bgn per day

We offer discounts on the above prices for long term stays (over 14 days)

Pets in transit have up to 14 days free boarding if schedules or bad weather determine

Dog  Boarding

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‚ÄčCat Boarding

Our Boarding Prices

Dog & Cat Boarding 

Our cattery is also purpose built and consists of an insulated Portakabin with lots of shelves and play things, an enclosed planted garden with raised platforms  and an external roofed area for shade.  The cabin is also heated during the winter months.

There is a cat flap so they can choose to come and go into the secure garden area. 

The cattery as a whole has a double entry system and is 100% escape proof.  It is  communal living, but if a cat needs one to one attention for example due to medical reasons or is not sociable with other felines,  we will board them in our conservatory  aka the Cat-servatory. 

We have a purpose built accommodation for dogs.  Constructed to European standards for this type of animal housing, we have used insulated powder coated sandwich board, which along with the siting of the buildings, maintains ambient temperature through the seasons.

The kennels are tiled throughout for hygiene reasons and we also have hot and cold running water in the food preparation area.

All rooms have genuine dog beds with plenty of bedding when required.  Individual rooms have a sleeping area of 2.5 metres sq and a covered outer area of 4 metres sq.

There is an isolation kennel should a dog become agitated with other boarders or maybe show any signs of illness.  2 kennels have an adjoining door should there be a family of more than 2 large dogs.  

Outside the kennel blocks is a large paddock secured  with 2.25 solid wooden fencing where the dogs can dig, run and play in supervised groups.  This also incorporates a doggy dip pool for a cooling off in the summer.

These buildings and facilities have been inspected and licensed for 20 dogs by the BFSA (Bulgarian food standards agency) which is the equivalent to the UK's DEFRA.

We also have in place a 24/7 contract with a well respected English speaking Veterinarian  clinic  (M&B Yambol).  This is a condition of our licensing